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BiG iNC is now accepting it’s first ONE THOUSAND APPLICANTS

This is a lack-of-skill-based mint. Visit the Down Bad Board to see how you stack up

The BiG iNC workforce can only support FIFTEEN THOUSAND TOTAL ROLES ever. Be on the lookout for those available positions.

Ready to Join the Supply (block)Chain?

Head over to the Employee Orientation Room 578A to turn in your Acceptance Letter for your Proof of Employment! Burn your BiG iNC Acceptance Letter for an Employee today.


Ouch! Are you down bad too? Visit the Down Bad Board and find out.



3.199 39.9



3.286 25.5



3.24 24.7


Big Perk

Nap pods, ball pits, hug rooms, cuddle puddles, and enough smile pills to last two lifetimes

Big Perk

Temperature restricted cubicles

Big Perk

Housing and meals provided to employees, now you never need to leave campus!

Big Perk

Bottomless* salad bar for friends and family

* breadsticks not included

Big Perk

At least 1% discount on all BiG iNC products

Big Perk

The toothpaste never makes you sad

Big Perk

1 Day Pass a year for the friends and family tour*

* must sign waiver

Big Perk

Free powerpoint training in an easy to understand powerpoint presentation format

Big Perk

Guaranteed weekly compliments*

* must choose between appearance or personality

Big Perk

You can leave sometimes!

** Probably


BiG iNC is looking for individuals who are sad, down bad and have no choice in life but to accept the only offer available. This probably sounds like you, right? That's what we thought. Join BiG iNC and dedicate the rest of your life to the supply chain, at least your labor won't be put to waste.

Apply to BiG iNC

Do you have what it takes? Of course you do! We’ll find a home for everyone where they can be used! Don’t have any skills? Not a problem. As Will Durant said, “In the last analysis civilization is based upon the food supply!”

Apply Today

We are conducting more interviews. Schedule yours today!

We're excited to announce that we are once again holding Group Interviews for our open positions. If you're interested in being part of a dynamic and innovative company, we encourage you to book a slot with one of our interviewers.

Begin your career at BiG iNC

At BiG iNC, we take teamwork and dedication seriously. Take the pledge to join our family by performing the Rite of All Hands! Many hands make light work, and we’ve got a finger in every pie!

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We're looking for the ONE THOUSAND WORST TRADERS to join the BiG iNC family. We believe that with a little extra support and encouragement, anyone can reach their full potential and make valuable contributions to society. So, if you're feeling down bad by your lack of skills, let us help you make a positive impact.

BiG iNC takes wash trading very seriously and scores will be manually reviewed throughout the application process to ensure wash trades and excessive transfers are excluded. Be sure to come back every day to see your scores grow (or shrink)!

Are you down bad, and GREAT at it?

Prove yourself to be the absolute worst of the worst traders, and we will LITERALLY give you the keys to BiG iNC.

Apply to BiG iNC and find your place on The Down Bad Board.


Rank #1




What does BiG iNC do?

What does BiG iNC not do? BiG iNC is more than a company, we’re a family! We celebrate our successes together, and we truly are committed to supporting each other.

Why should I use BiG iNC products?

Good news, you already are!

What time does the workday start at BiG iNC?

At BiG iNC, we believe in a healthy work-life balance. For us, BiG iNC is our life, and we’re always striving to work harder. We love what we do, and we hope you do too!

Can I take a break whenever I want?

Working in our state-of-the-art BiG iNC Campus comes with an amazing amount of amenities, it won’t even feel like you’re working!

How many vacation days roll over from one year to the next?

Full-time BiG iNC employees earn vacation hours for every year they work! Note, accrued vacation time must be taken the year it is earned.

How can I use the amenities on campus?

All the fantastic amenities available to BiG iNC employees are open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, using your employee ID code found on your badge. Simply enter the 12 digit number directly onto the control panel of the desired item, and wait for the 2 Factor confirmation code to be sent to your mobile device. You’ll be brewing that coffee in no time!

How do I report a problem with my BiG iNC products?

There are currently no reported issues with any items in the BiG iNC family of products on the market.

Where is the break room?

BiG iNC’s revolutionary campus offers a modern take on the classic workplace blueprint. You’ll find relaxation areas scattered throughout your entire floor, allowing you to rest whenever you need.

Who’s been putting the toilet paper on backwards?

We believe in efficiency, and we’re determined to implement a tiny dose of it in every way we can! Why not try something new?

What’s the code to get out? I’m locked in.

Using your employee ID code found on your badge, you can request a ‘Field Day’ code at any time! Simply enter the 12 digit number directly onto the control panel of the front door, and wait for the 2 Factor confirmation code to be sent to your mobile device. But, don’t worry if you miss the Ice Cream truck, I’m sure he’ll be back again soon!

* Geese are not inherently silly, but they do exhibit certain behaviors that some people might find amusing or quirky.


BiG MiSTER was born the eldest of three children to a single mother a long, long time ago. Despite the challenges of poverty and ostracism the family faced, BiG MiSTER's mother instilled in them a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. BiG MiSTER did his best to act as a father figure to his younger siblings, but after the tragic disappearance of his sister and the subsequent falling out with his irresponsible younger brother, BiG MiSTER decided it was time to focus on achieving his own life goals. He founded Big, Inc., and through diversification and aggressive hiring tactics, took the company from nothing to one of the world’s industry leaders in manufacturing of everything. He believes that with fierce dedication and a willingness to succeed, anyone can help him achieve his goals.

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